Thinking of a Brahmin Kalyana Mandapam? Here are the rituals you can host in them!

Arranged marriages are still practiced in India and one of the most important requirements for such marriages is a suitable venue. In Tamil Nadu, brahmin families usually look for a kalyana mandapam to host the wedding rituals.

A kalyana mandapam is a hall that is specially designed to host weddings and other auspicious occasions. If you are thinking of booking a Brahmin kalyana mandapam for your upcoming wedding, then Vijay Raja Thirumana Mandapam also known as VRTM Marriage halls in Chennai is the best ever choice. Here are some of the rituals that can be hosted in them:

The Kannada wedding ritual of Thamboolam involves the exchange of betel leaves and nuts by the bride and groom. This ritual symbolizes their union and is considered to be auspicious. It is usually performed after the muhurtham ceremony.

The Grihapravesam ritual is conducted on the day of the wedding itself. The bride, groom, and their parents all make their first joint entrance into their new house. This ritual is conducted to ensure that the new home is blessed and free from evil spirits.

The Grahapravesh Homam is performed after the Grihapravesam ritual. It is conducted to invoke the blessings of Agni, the god of fire, on the newlywed couple. The couple also offers prayers to other deities during this homam.

The Nalangu ceremony is held on the second day after the wedding. It involves various games and fun activities being organized for the newlywed couple by their friends and relatives. This ceremony helps the couple to relax and bond with each other after all the hectic wedding festivities.

The Kankanadai Thirumanam ceremony is held on the third day after the wedding. In this ceremony, gold or silver bangles are tied on the wrists of the bride by her husband or mother-in-law. This ritual signifies that she now belongs to her husband’s family.

Kalyana Mandapam Stage

Brahmin weddings are usually very traditional and follow a set of rules that have been laid down by our ancestors. One of the most important aspects of a Brahmin wedding is the Kalyana Mandapam, which is considered to be a sacred space where the rituals are performed.

VRTM is the best and most affordable Brahmin Kalyana Mandapam in Chennai, it is a fully airconditioned one too. There are a number of rituals that can be performed in a Kalyana Mandapam, and they usually vary from region to region. However, some of the most common ones include the following:

– The Jangara Homam, is a fire ritual that is performed to ward off evil spirits and bless the couple.

– The Kanyadaanam, a significant ceremony, sees the father of the bride surrender his daughter to the husband.

– The Mangalya Dharanam, in which the groom ties a sacred thread around the bride’s neck to signify their marriage.

– The Saptapadi, or Seven Steps, is where a couple seals their marriage vows by taking seven sacred steps together in front of a fire.


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